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Energy Saving Wrench


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Quick Overview

Energy Saving Wrench
Way to use

  • Put the socket into square toes of the handle end. Put the shock shank into the other end.
  • Put the socket into the nut when it is disassembled or firmed, pay attention to the direction of looseness and tightness. Rock the shock shank, let the handle be closer to the bolt side.
  • After loosed the nut change to use extension Bar to Speed disassemble . Opposite, Use extension Bar to spin into then use Energy Saving Wrench to spin tighten.
  • When tighten nuts , not to be over 20kg. The nut will be in Place when the rocker is rebounded half circle. Or the rocker is opposition.
  • Do not take this tool as beating Tools.
  • Do not put sleeve on the rocket or plus power after knocking.
  • Warmly Attention : The nut cannot be moved if used more power. Please pay attention to the direction, and confirm the direction.

Technical Details
Gear ratio 1:58
Length 330mm
With two socketsOutput Torque 3800N.M
Weight/pcs 9.5KG

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