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Tyre Changer


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Best Features

  • The Pedal has step function, which can mount the tire accurately and time saving.
  • The clamp is made of special material, strong and durable.
  • The universal switch is 40A with a pure silver touching point, it can bear great load with a long using life.
  • The mounting head is made of special steel, which is wear- resistance, unbend and unbreakable.
  • The claw, crowbar, demounting head and bead breaking shoe are optional equipped with the protective cover. This can prevent the rim from being damaged for the operation incorrectly.
  • Economical model, under the condition to meet the existing size, the body structure is compact, which can guarantee to fill 108 units in a HC container, saving freight cost for customer.
Technical Details
Operating Pressure 8 – 10 bar
Max. Wheel Diameter 980 mm
Wheel Width 3”- 12”
Noise Level <75dB
Rim Clamping from Outside 10” – 18”
Rim Clamping from inside 12” – 21”
Motor Power 0.75 / 1.1kW
Net Weight 179 kg
Gross weight 207 kg

Best Features  
  • Semi automatic tire changer, the lift backward and forward of the column and the lock of the column can be completed pneumatically.
  • The quick deflate valves are installed before and after the bead breaker cylinder to increase the moving speed of the cylinder, the one-side movement can be completed in about 2-3 seconds.
  • The horizontal arm adopts 50mm slide shaft securing the bend resistance strength of the horizontal arm.
  • The design of the bead breaker blade is ARC Shape, it can rotate at any direction, securing the best bead breaking force. The bead breaker blade is equipped with the protective cover.
  • The hexangular shaft is made of S41 hexangular steel , which can avoid the distortion when operating the stiff tire.
  • Column adopts the double bend process, make it very strong.
  • The bead breaker arm has the 2 travel, which ensure to demount the maximum 15”tire.
  • Optional equipped with hand or pedal style double speed motor if the machine is 3 phase, increasing the efficiency of demounting/mounting.
  • The diameter of turntable cylinder is 80mm to increase the clamp force of the jaw on the rim.
  • In order to assure the safety during demounting/mounting. Helpers can be optional equipped according to the requirement of demounting/ mounting flat stiff tire.

Technical Details
Operating Pressure 8 – 10 bar
Max. Wheel Diameter 1040 mm
Wheel Width 3”- 15”
Noise Level <75dB
Rim Clamping from Outside 10” –24”
Rim Clamping from inside 13” – 26”
Motor Power 0.75 / 1.1kW
Net Weight 344 kg
Gross weight 400 kg
Volume ( complete ) 2.1 m3

Best Features  
  • The parts of the hydraulic station are qualified imported subassembly.
  • The main motor and its correlative electric parts accord with the CE standard.
  • Lifting arm oil tank has the center support.
  • The movable control support is easy for observing all aspects, avoiding the improper operation.
  • Electrical control cabinet adopts E-grade protective standard.
  • The gear box is the made of aluminum alloy castings, high density, light weight, good-looking, anti-corrosion, and well seals.
  • The worm gear is made of tin & bronze alloy, high density, anti-wear, anti-corrosion, and long life in use.

Technical Details
Operating Pressure 130– 150 bar
Max. Wheel Diameter 1500 mm
Wheel Width 760 mm
Noise Level <75dB
Rim Diameter 14” –26”
Hydraulic Pump Motor 1.5kW 380V-3Ph 50 Hz
Gearbox Motor 1.8kW 380V/3Ph 50Hz
Net Weight 561 kg
Gross weight 739 kg
Volume 3.2 m3

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