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Wheel Balancer


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Quick Overview

Best Features

  • A wheel balancer with self-owned intellectual property.
  • With DYN/STA and various balancing mode and MOT balancing mode.
  • Customize the balance operation habit to increase the working efficiency. With protective hood control, unit definition and the minimum unbalancing option function.
  • With various creative data input modes, it can easily realize the data increase and decrease by rotating the tire.
  • Self calibration is easy to operate, this function can quickly restore the precision of the machine which is unused for a long time or losing precision.
  • Optional equipped with motor adaptor, with MOT balancing mode.
  • Simple outlook and big capacity of weight container.
Technical Details
Balancing Precision ±1g
Max. Wheel Weight 65KG
Max. Wheel Diameter 1000mm
Rim Width 1.5″ – 20″
Rim Diameter 10″ – 24″
Resolution 200rpm
Motor power 0.25kW
Net Weight 113 kg
Gross weight 157 kg
Packing Dimension 930×710×1160mm
Volume 0.76 m3
Quantity in 20”Container 36
Quantity in 40”Container 76

Best Features  
  • Wheel balancer with self-owned intellectual property.
  • Enlarge digital tube data display to make it convenient for the customer to check.
  • With the car/truck conversion function key guarantteeing the precision to be ±10g when handling truck tire and ±1g when handling car tire.
  • You can choose the 5digital system or 10digital system
  • 3 ALU modes and STA mode.
  • With pedal brake making the positioning of the weight precisely.
  • conversion of mm/inch and gram/ounce.
  • Wirth the lift saving the time and labor when mount the wheel.

Technical Details
Working Pressure 5-8bar
Max. Wheel Diameter 1200mm
Max. Wheel Weight 200KG
Rim Width 1.5″ – 20″
Rim Diameter 10″ – 24”
Resolution 100/200rpm
Motor power 0.55kW
Net Weight 270 kg
Gross weight 332 kg
Packing Dimension 1300×990×1130mm
Volume 1.5 m3
Quantity in 20”Container 18
Quantity in 40”Container 42

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